Vans Jambox

Situated in front of a giant LED wall, the AV jambox creates an on-tour vibe, inviting visitors to jam on a collection of FX pedals and audio interfaces that influence the images and sounds on-screen.

Client: Vans Europe
Project by: Random Studio
Role: Experience and interactive media design



Random Studio were commissioned by Vans to create an in-store experience for their new flagship store in Milan. Channeling the brand’s longtime connections to music and self-expression, we created a Jambox; a playful intervention that transforms a traditional retail media wall into an experience that invites guests to engage with the brand. 



Inside the pavilion, guests get to know the four plant protagonists that play key roles in the UAE coastal ecosystem. We worked with Van Tetterode glass studio to create glass sculptures that celebrate Salicornia, mangroves, microalgae, and seagrass as delicate and precious treasures.

Alongside these remarkable plants, we introduce the people in the UAE who are researching, protecting, and finding new ways to work with these plants for the benefit of humanity and nature.