Starting Point

Finding new ways to engage the public is a challenge that even the biggest museums and cultural institutions are facing today. Yet, for MO Museum – a new modern art museum in Vilnius, Lithuania – this challenge is their mission. They aim to present art in ways that are both innovative and immersive, attracting the widest audiences and, in turn, making culture more accessible to everyone.

Project by: Lukas Valiauga & Justas Motuzas


Telling the story

Scattered across the museum space, these objects wait for visitors to find them. When found, the objects have to be ‘woken up’. Triggers include a series of easy-to-guess interactions, such as knocking, lifting a lid, touching or spinning. When triggered, the objects come to life, each telling a specially curated story about an artist and their starting point for creating one of the artworks seen in the exhibition.

True to the medium

Rather than presenting an illustrated journey, the exhibition presents visitors with an immersive, soundscape-driven experience that draws an imaginary journey from an object to the artwork, making the journey an exciting experience to be discovered by children and adults alike.