The Pattern,
UAE Pavilion Expo2020

Housed in a magnificent building designed by Santiago Calatrava, Tellart were awarded the lead design role in creating an entire guest experience for the UAE Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. 

Project by: Tellart & Kossmann De Jong
Role: Concept development, design and prototyping prototyping of pattern
Client: NMC
Photography: NMC


Holistic visual treatment

"A visual treatment connecting every single touchpoint in a guest's journey." 

This was one of the aspects of Tellart’s strategy for creating a holistic guest experience. This was also a part of the project I was fortunate to have had a chance to contribute to.


The Pattern

"Where motion and change are the only constant. Creating a unifying visual language means finding a connection between multiple landscapes". 

Landscapes had always shaped human activity. Especially in the UAE.
Therefore, studying the visual qualities of UAE nature has been a starting point in exploring the concept. 


Between natural
& man-made

Exploring natural motion using digital simulations prompted an interesting parallel for the way innovation is embedded within the UAE culture. 

Experimenting with technology not only inspired the pattern but also suggested a certain aesthetic form for further design development.



The following design process consisted of making dozens of prototypes studying the visual qualities of a pattern in its different applications.

This process resulted in generating a design brief and commissioning 'Superposition' to create a generative tool for Tellart to produce final patterns for everything from exterior elements to furniture and media.