Tellart Experiments

Working hands-on with technology and materials, at Tellart we explore ideas for future product concepts. Often aimed at some of the most challenging global issues and trends.

Project by: Tellart
Role: Concept development, UX/UI, design, prototyping

Seeing is believing

The best way to tell the idea is to make the other person see it. Using a mixture of photography, film, motion and 3D allows to quickly ‘ground’ the concept by situating it in a very firm context of everyday use. 


The spirit of hacking

Prototyping often means ‘hacking’ existing tools and combining the use of technology in new, creative ways. Such approach saves time and helps team to focus on the concept itself rather than technical limits of it. More importantly, the process often leads to unexpected discoveries and inventing unique interaction models.

Levels of prototyping

Prototyping is not only making ideas tangible. It is also formulating higher-level, strategic approaches. For example, building a framework for storytelling. Card games are often fun and engaging way to do so.

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From mockup to an app

One of the exciting aspects of working with emerging technology is how it blurs the boundaries between what is often considered a protoype and waht's - final production. For example, tools such as Unity allow tangibly explore concepts very early on in the process. However, at any point, these ideas can be also be built into apps. This means the process of iterating and learning never stops.