1⁄3 About

I work with creative organizations, cultural institutions, and innovative businesses to design experiences that offer a meaningful interaction with technology. Be it retail, museums, or anything in between. 

At Random Studio I work throughout an entire project lifecycle. Anywhere from contributing - to leading the design process. Within a team of talented designers, artists, strategists, and technologists - here we explore intersections of design, communications, and technology to develop projects that aim to enrich lives and culture.

To this date, I have worked with a number of international organizations on projects ranging from designing anti-piracy software for the music industry to creating a data-driven visual treatment for the UAE pavilion at the World Expo 2020. 

2⁄3 Approach

Empower to think
With the power of today’s technology to influence us, we must, above all, use it for good. Create experiences that empower people by offering information clarity, choice, transparency, and knowledge.

Invite to play
Think of play as an ‘interface’ to the experience. Play is a universal language through which we intuitively express ourselves, learn, share and connect.

Social by design
Technology has the power to isolate us as well as to connect. It is our responsibility to create experiences, products, and systems that are social by design.

3⁄3 Expertise

  • Creative direction
  • Concept development
  • Design and creative technology consulting

  • User experience design 
  • Interaction design 
  • Schematic design 
  • Spatial visualizations & 3D modeling
  • Experience storyboarding 
  • Physical & digital prototyping 
  • Fabrication and production consulting